Ideas Incubator

The  Ideas Incubator is an initiative of the Innovation Unit of the IdISSC that arose from the need to have a forum open to all those who participate in the national health system, where to exchange ideas and projects. It is an idea that has come to stay, and has become a reference within our scope of action. The Incubator aims to stimulate the creation and development of more and better health innovation projects, in an open innovation model.

The main objective of our Incubators, is to create a communication forum that allows the exchange of ideas and projects, with the ultimate goal of transferring to the health system in general and to patients in particular, improvements that can be technical or in processes.

The chosen themes are a reflection at every moment of the problems that are appearing in our society, unresolved needs, as well as in other sessions more technical problems have been addressed.

Within the evolution of the Innovation Unit, we continue to organize sessions of the Incubator with the same purposes and format as always, but also plans to organize special editions of Incubator with small groups in the form of workshops or monographic sessions, such as:

  • Challenges: on needs not covered.
  • Creativity: lateral thinking.
  • Collective intelligence: crowdthinking.
  • Shuttle: search for partners.
  • Push&Pull: brokerage.
  • Success experiences. Learn/share.
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