Artificial intelligence and digital twins, protagonists of new advances in medicine

The Bankinter Innovation Foundation research article “The “digital twins”, protagonists in an increasingly personalized future of medicine” (05/20/2022) includes an interview with Dr. Julio Mayol, Medical and Innovation Director of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, in which it offers readers a broad vision of what may be one of the greatest advances in medicine.

The objective of the next advances in medicine is to provide doctors and patients with tools to improve prevention and treatment and one of the largest personalized medina bets, with specialized solutions in diagnoses, assistance, and therapies.

According to Dr. Mayol, “digital twins” projects are framed in this context “a digital twin, on the one hand, allows us to describe and understand a process, but at the same time it helps us to predict the response of the model to the modification of the elements that compose it

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