Third Prize for Patient Safety and Value Translation

The closing of San Carlos Week was marked by the presentation of the prestigious hospital scientific awards, highlighting the commitment to research and excellence in the healthcare field. We want to highlight the well-deserved third prize for patient safety and value translation, which recognized the work titled “Development and Implementation… Seguir leyendo

“I Contest: Your Idea, Their Health “

The  Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Clínico San Carlos (FIBHCSC), within the framework of the San Carlos Healthcare Research, Outreach, and Innovation Program (IdISSC Program), has organized the 1st Contest: “Your Idea, Your Health” an initiative aimed at promoting a culture of innovation in the healthcare environment and… Seguir leyendo

Odin: What would you change in the hospital of the future?

On January 20, we organized together with our partners from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) a Workshop entitled: How does change management impact hospitals of the future? within the framework of the European ODIN project, To do this, we invited European researchers to give a series of talks that… Seguir leyendo

Workshop: How does change management impact hospitals of the future?

How does change management impact the hospital of the future? Evolution in the healthcare sector is an inevitable process that leads to improved development and quality of life for the population. The Change Management process allows to prepare, support, and assist patients, teams, and hospitals with the transformation of objectives,… Seguir leyendo

Artificial intelligence and digital twins, protagonists of new advances in medicine

The Bankinter Innovation Foundation research article “The “digital twins”, protagonists in an increasingly personalized future of medicine” (05/20/2022) includes an interview with Dr. Julio Mayol, Medical and Innovation Director of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, in which it offers readers a broad vision of what may be one of the… Seguir leyendo

The philosopher Javier Sádaba closed the series of Conferences of “Foro Clínico”

Last Wednesday, June 22, the philosopher, professor of ethics and sociology, writer and lecturer D. Javier Sádaba closed the series of sessions of the “Foro Clínico”, with his paper “Universal Culture, Particular Culture” where he pointed out the need to bring ethics and responsibility to both public and personal life…. Seguir leyendo