Mediktor- Collaboration

Symptom evaluator based on artificial intelligence. Collaboration in the co-development of a symptom evaluation system based on Artificial Intelligence with the Teckel medical company. This project is part of the line of applications of analytical and predictive models to clinical practice. Seguir leyendo

Project Grow

Adolescence is a critical period in the detection and treatment of many psychiatric disorders. The transition between Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents (CAMHS) and Mental Health Services for Adults (AMHS) can be very complicated and one of the weaknesses of health systems. The objective of the project is… Seguir leyendo

Madrid Neurocenter

A project financed by the Community of Madrid and co-financed with Structural Funds (FSE and FEDER) Technological Center for the Integrated Treatment of Neurological Disorders. Lines of work: Biomedical engineering, instrumentation and information and communications technologies in biomedicine. Madrid Neurocenter intends to create the first pilot center for integrated study… Seguir leyendo

Establishing connections

Next Thursday, January 31st, the second scientific meeting called “Incubadora de Ideas” of Madrid Neurocenter will take place in the assembly hall of the CTB, in Montegancedo, from 9 a.m. with the title “Establishing connections” Why this motto? because on this occasion, we want to connect professionals, clinicians, companies, patients… Seguir leyendo