Kids Beating Asthma

Selected one of the 50 best health apps in Spanish! The application has educational material adapted for children and adolescents, divided into 5 content modules, in English and Spanish. As a reinforcement strategy in learning, gamification has been taken as a differentiating element compared to other similar initiatives, combining puzzles,… Seguir leyendo



NAVISurg, is a project that seeks to improve pancreatic cancer surgical interventions, as well as patient safety. All this, through the development of an intelligent surgical navigator that incorporates a decision support system and that is mainly based on the use of endoscopic video information and laparoscopic ultrasound images. The… Seguir leyendo

Maternal Mood Screener

In order to avoid the risks associated with pregnancy, the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in collaboration with the UNED Faculty of Psychology and George Washington University have developed a program for the prevention of postpartum depression in pregnant women at this Hospital called ” Moms and Babies. ” Its objective… Seguir leyendo


Multi-device application developed on open-source content management system aimed at the dynamic training of patients with disorders of the pelvic floor. It has been developed by the Smart Health Lab of the Innovation Unit of the San Carlos Health Research Institute in Collaboration with the Pelvic Floor Unit of the… Seguir leyendo


Your mobile proctologist Two subscription models: freemium application or premium mode. Free access to general information: anatomy, risk factors, symptoms, specific diseases with general schemes / photos Payment access to: Option A: introduction of clinical information (which selects control photographs) Upload the photograph and compare it with photographs of specific… Seguir leyendo