The Awards for the Transfer of Value to Health Care were delivered

Within the events of the “Semana deSan Carlos” at the Hospital Clínico, on November 7, the first edition of the Prizes for the Transfer of Value to Medical Care was awarded, which aim to recognize the teams of professionals of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos. that guide their clinical practice to improve health outcomes and launch innovations that add value to patients.

The winners in the two categories convened were:

  1. Award for the improvement of health outcomes for: “decision-making based on information, continuous improvement system in coronary surgery” of the Cardiac Surgery Service, Hospitalist Medicine Unit, Nursing Unit of the Surgical Block and Hospitalization of the 7th north and of Nursing of Intensive Medicine 2nd South.
  2. Award for the innovative initiative that provides value for: “Fissios, an app to reduce the risk of developing postoperative complications in surgical patients”, of the Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology Services of the ICV.

Decision-making based on information, continuous improvement system in coronary surgery
Fissios, an app to reduce the risk of developing postoperative complications

Between the two categories, 13 papers were presented, the jury evaluated in the first case, the permanent evaluation of the performance of the coronary surgery process and in the second, the initiative to create the first app designed and created by physicians and physiotherapists to encourage compliance with a respiratory rehabilitation program.  

In the same act, the XXIV Scientific Prizes were awarded, the winners:

Best original scientific work published

First prize:

The evolving nature of infective endocarditis in Spain: A population – based study (2003 to 2014). Journal of The American College of Cardiology 2017; 70 (22): 2,795-2,804. doi 10.106 / j.jacc.2017.10.005

C Olmos I Vila Costa, C Fernández, JL Bernal, C Ferrera, D García, CN Pérez, JA San Román, L Maroto, C Macaya, FJ Elola.

Service: Cardiology.

Second prize:

SETD6 dominant negative mutation in familial colorectal cancer type X.

Human MolecularGenetics, 2017. doi: 10.1093 / hmg / ddx336. L Martin Morales, M Feldman, Z Vershinin, P Garre, T Caldés. D Levy.

Service: Molecular Oncology Laboratory

Better original scientific work published by a novel researcher:

A Mediterranean diet with additional extra virgin olive oil and pistachios reduces the incidence of gestational diabetes mellitus (GCM): A randomized controlled trial: The St. Charles GCM prevention study. Plos one 12 (10): em 85873; C Assaf Balut, N García de la Torre, A Durán, M Fuentes, E Bordíu, L del Valle, C Family, A Ortolá, I Jiménez, MA Herráiz. N Izquierdo, N Pérez, MJ Torrejón, MI Ortega, FJ Illana, I Runkle, MP Miguel, C Montáñez, A Barabash, M Cuesta, MA Rubio, AL Pascual Street.

Service: Endocrinology.

Award for the best communication presented in Congress:

Comprehensive assessment of pain in the implementation of good practices in a hospital.

XXI International Meeting of Research in Cares. Madrid, 2017

D. Muñoz I Ortuño Soriano, JA González Sánchez, AM Moreno Morillo, G Curiel Blanco, MA Cubero Pérez, P Gallardo García, F García García, E Fernández del Palacio.

Service: Nursing, .Process area, Research, Innovation and SSII.

Finally, the Antonio Gimbernat Award for Excellence 2018  was awarded to Dr. José Antonio López García-Asenjo, who we see in the photo after receiving his award.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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