Breaking the rules

SoMe4Surgery Summit, the Congress that organized the Unidad de Innovación of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos together with the Sociedad Española de Investigaciones Quirúrgicas (SEIQ), on June 29 at the Hospital Auditorium, was a success of attendance: more than 300 people they were connected at the same time via Streaming to the event, and a success in meeting objectives.

It brought together health professionals, leaders in their respective areas who came from all continents, and demonstrated that there is a new model of teaching and learning using social networks to share knowledge, connect people and organizations that are geographically dispersed, allow the most young people have access to all knowledge from their own center, connect with patients and that benefits both professionals and patients, promoting a change in the model of 21st century medicine, breaking the rules of communication established so far.

They were not the only rules that were broken:

Ban on the Auditorium´s door

The Congress was the result of the work started by SoMe4, a global virtual network of people and organizations interested in surgery and created by Dr. Julio Mayol and which currently has a list of 463 members in 5 continents.

Dr. Andrés Maldonado, Dr. Delia Cortés-Guiral and Dr. Perbinder Grewal were the Program Directors.

The day began with the welcome of Dr. Julio Mayol and two recorded greetings from Doctors Steven Wexner and Jeffrey B. Matthews, this being the keynote during the Congress: the combination of face-to-face presentations, live connections with professionals from different parts of the planet and the contribution of testimonies recorded on video.

In closing, Dr. Mayol addressed a few words to the audience present in the Auditorium and the online audience, highlighting the importance of “trust” in social media, when you share content with people you trust you do not need a double check, trust is essential.

The event was sponsored by MBA Surgical Empowerment and Becton Dickinson BD.


Streaming connection

Regarding the global impact achieved by SoMe4Surgery, 328 people connected via Steaming, mostly from Spain, but also from Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Germany, Mexico, Australia …. up to 30 different countries.

Twitter Hashtag #SMSS19

332 post, 1.043.236 impressions

In the three days after the Congress:

Visits to our website on June 29:

Surely soon we will attend a new SoMe4 “Summit”, meanwhile, we can remember the interventions.

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