Hikari is a strategic project of the Innovation Unit – IdISSC and the Institute of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the HCSC, whose Director (Dr. Blanca Reneses) acts as Principal Investigator of the project, approved by the CEIC. The technological support is made by Fujitsu, with whom there is a… Seguir leyendo

MORE Project Collaboration

Piloting at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos The Hospital Clínico San Carlos is one of the pioneer organizations in piloting the More work model (results-oriented Organizational Maturity model), a model for which Deusto Business School is responsible for the University of Deusto and AstraZeneca its sponsor. MORE aims to contribute… Seguir leyendo


SysPharma is a decision support tool designed ad hoc in the context of adverse reactions during the drug administration process. The incidence of most cancers and cancer mortality increases with age and more than 60% occurs in the population over 65, in many cases, with other chronic diseases with their… Seguir leyendo


Computer tool for the modeling of diagnostic and treatment processes of patients affected by hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is the most frequent electrolyte disorder and is defined by a blood sodium level of less than 135 mmol / l. It affects 19-30% of hospitalized patients and more than 7% of those over… Seguir leyendo

Kids Beating Asthma

Selected one of the 50 best health apps in Spanish! The application has educational material adapted for children and adolescents, divided into 5 content modules, in English and Spanish. As a reinforcement strategy in learning, gamification has been taken as a differentiating element compared to other similar initiatives, combining puzzles,… Seguir leyendo



NAVISurg, is a project that seeks to improve pancreatic cancer surgical interventions, as well as patient safety. All this, through the development of an intelligent surgical navigator that incorporates a decision support system and that is mainly based on the use of endoscopic video information and laparoscopic ultrasound images. The… Seguir leyendo