CellIG – Computerized clinical practice guide

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For the diagnosis and management of carcinoma of renal cells.

The objective of the project focuses on the development of a system based on existing scientific information that supports oncologists in making therapeutic decisions when faced with patients likely to have renal cell carcinoma (CRC).

This system will be based on the information collected in the clinical practice guidelines available to date, as well as the clinical benefit (efficacy, safety and quality of life) that other subrogated variables of relevance in oncology can provide. In this way, the primary objective of the project will be the realization of a proof of concept in the San Carlos Clinical Hospital (HCSC) of the computerized system of decision-making aid in CCR, based on clinical practice guidelines, involving clinicians from the HCSC Oncology Service with the methodological and technological support of professionals of the Innovation Unit of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital (UI-HCSC).

According to the most recent data (The American Cancer Society, 2017), kidney cancer is among the ten most frequent malignancies, both in men and women and the accumulated risk of suffering a renal tumor throughout life is 1.6% Nine out of 10 renal cancers occur in the form of renal cell carcinoma, especially in men aged 50 to 70 years.

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