How to Use Artificial Intelligence?

Resounding Success at the Introductory Chat GPT Workshop in Healthcare presented by Professor Julio Mayol

On November 7th, the Introductory Chat GPT Workshop in Healthcare took place with great success, targeting professionals in the healthcare sector. The event was presented by Professor Julio Mayol, Chair of Surgery and Leader of the Research Group on Innovation, Surgery, Pharmacy, and Neuroengineering, at the Smart Health Center (Hospital Clínico San Carlos).

Around 30 professionals from the Health Research Institute (IdISSC) and San Carlos Clinical Hospital gathered to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in the healthcare field. During the workshop, fundamental topics related to predictive and generative artificial intelligence were addressed, highlighting the differences between them, potential usage issues, the opportunities they offer, and associated challenges.

Professor Julio Mayol guided participants through talks, discussions, and interactive sessions, providing a clear insight into how artificial intelligence-based solutions like Chat GPT can transform communication, decision-making, and patient care in the healthcare environment.

Attendees at the workshop at the Smart Health Center

This workshop served as an introductory event for the Generative Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Conference held on November 8th, providing healthcare professionals with key tools and knowledge to address challenges and leverage opportunities presented by the digital revolution in the healthcare sector.

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