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Hospital Clínico San Carlos together with Telefónica Company and Roche create the startup accelerator Pulsar for the development of ophthalmological therapies

Francisco Miranda and Pau Garde, from Roche Farma; Elena Arredondo, from the San Carlos Clinical Hospital Innovation Unit; Paloma Castellano, from Wayra; Federico Plaza, from Roche; Monica Palomanes, from Roche; María Luaces Co-Director of the HCSC Innovation Unit, Julián García Feijoó, Head of the HCSC Ophthalmology Service, Santiago Conesa, from Roche, and Julio Mayol, HCSC Medical and Innovation Director

In recent years there have been numerous technological advances capable of improving the lives of patients, both in diagnosis and treatment, in this case of ophthalmological diseases; To facilitate the connection between emerging companies and financing entities and develop projects in a real clinical environment, the Pulsar accelerator was created, an innovative ecosystem capable of taking new therapies from the idea to the market, accompanying companies in the process and moving projects forward, while generating value for patients and professionals.

The four startups selected by Pulsar by Roche were announced at a press conference in which representatives of the three entities involved Roche Farma and Wayra (Telefónica group) and Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid participated.


The chosen ones are four companies from among the 30 projects presented, later a pilot will be carried out in the San Carlos Clinical Hospital where they will implement their technological solution in a real clinical environment.

V-Visión offers therapeutic and diagnostic solutions through virtual reality applications based on the cloud and always backed by scientific evidence.

Visiotec has developed a compact and easy-to-use device to perform Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) from home. In addition, it is at a lower cost than other diagnostic tests.

Retinet offers a personalized service based on a digital platform to prevent the appearance of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) with a focus on early detection and personalized medicine.

Ophthorobotics presents a fully automated system that, through a robot, performs safe injections in the eye for the treatment of chronic ophthalmic diseases.

Julián García Feijoó, Head of the HCSC Ophthalmology Service, María Luaces Co-Director, HCSC Innovation Unit, Elena Arredondo, San Carlos Clinical Hospital Innovation Unit
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