Kids Beating Asthma

Selected one of the 50 best health apps in Spanish!

The application has educational material adapted for children and adolescents, divided into 5 content modules, in English and Spanish. As a reinforcement strategy in learning, gamification has been taken as a differentiating element compared to other similar initiatives, combining puzzles, crosswords and other games such as word searches and pictograms. Asmín and Asmina are the avatars who guide the child through this fun adventure that helps them learn about childhood asthma: what it is, why it originates, how to live with it, and much more.

Dr. Germán Seara, a pediatrician at Hospital Clínico San Carlos and the scientific coordinator of this initiative, states that “from the clinical point of view, this training project for patients arises from the need for children and families to have easy access to knowledge necessary to face his illness ”. On the other hand, it helps them to recognize the most frequent symptoms, which provides them with more information when making decisions at critical moments.

All the didactic, medical and illustrations contents have been generated by the Pediatric Service of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid, and supervised by the Innovation Unit of the Health Research Institute of the HCSC.

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This application is free and can be downloaded in the AppStore, through the link Download Kids Beating Asthma, and in the Google Play Store, through the link Kids Beating Asthma. MediaNet Software, a Spanish company founded in 1995 and specialized in technological consulting services and custom software development, has collaborated in its development, which is currently actively working with the Innovation Support Unit of the San Carlos Clinic to develop new mobile applications. in different medical specialties.

New technologies have allowed the development of communication supports such as smartphones, tablets and other devices that offer patients a wide range of possibilities to manage their health from the palm of their hand. The health application has been selected in the first “Report of the 50 best health apps in Spanish”. This report was presented on March 19, 2014 at the BBVA Innovation Center by The App Date, the reference center for apps in Spain and Latin America, and promoted by the Zeltia observatory. The document collects the keys in which mobile health develops in the Spanish-speaking market and seeks to identify excellence and generate quality benchmarks in a growing sector such as healthcare applications.

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