NAVISurg, is a project that seeks to improve pancreatic cancer surgical interventions, as well as patient safety. All this, through the development of an intelligent surgical navigator that incorporates a decision support system and that is mainly based on the use of endoscopic video information and laparoscopic ultrasound images. The project is based on Image and Sound Guided Surgery (IVGS).

Pancreatic cancer is a great challenge for oncologists. This tumor has one of the highest mortality rates among all types of cancer and one of the great difficulties of its treatment lies in the precise typification of the nature of the lesion.

NAVIsurg is part of the strategic line of the Center for Biomedical Research Network (CIBER-BBN) of “virtual surgery and pre and intra-planning”. The previous internal project “THEMIS: image-guided therapies for safer minimally invasive surgeries” is the basis of this new proposal, mainly in the use of the IVGS paradigm. In order to achieve these objectives, the project has created a research group between CIBER-BBN and other external clinical centers, giving them a competitive research advantage in the field of computer-assisted surgery of soft tissues. This group will strengthen its competitiveness and research prospects.

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