Odin: What would you change in the hospital of the future?

On January 20, we organized together with our partners from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) a Workshop entitled: How does change management impact hospitals of the future? within the framework of the European ODIN project, To do this, we invited European researchers to give a series of talks that showed the key concepts, strategies, and challenges, addressing change management and the digital transformation of our hospitals.

Saskia Haitjema, University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU)
Marta Pérez, Medtronic Ibérica

The day was planned as an interactive work and the attendees were able to capture their ideas on post-its on a blackboard and then discuss them in a group. We begin with a talk on trust and change management from the perspective of each of the attendees, sharing the lessons learned.

Our colleagues Ignacio Martínez Capella and Jorge Nieto carried out a demonstration on the use of PowerBI and showed how it is used by the Data Science team of the Innovation Unit in the projects that we develop both inside and outside our hospital, as an example of digital transformation and how the use of these tools can be the first step to the implementation of new technologies in the healthcare environment.

The dangers to avoid in change management were also addressed, as how to measure change, including the indicators that must be incorporated to determine if a change process has been successful or not, and the opportunities, challenges, and threats that exist in the context were pointed out. of digital transformation, with a firm commitment to continue working within the framework of the Odin Project to provide solutions and contribute to the transformation of our hospitals.

Manuel Sanz Méndez, Técnico de apoyo Comunidad de Madrid
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