Our colleague Paula Álvarez, in charge of the OTC, emphasized the importance of protecting ideas

Our colleague Paula Marina Álvarez, Head of the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO), delivered a training session titled “Understanding Different Ways to Protect Your Inventions, Publications, or Works” on January 25th.

The training was offered in both in-person and online formats and was directed by the Scientific Director of IdISSC, Elena Urcelay.

During the session, she explained the difference between Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights, as well as how to distinguish the legal entities that comprise them, such as Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets. She explained the legal requirements necessary to obtain their registration and thus determine the best way to protect your ideas.

This activity is part of the monthly research seminars of Idissc. These seminars aim to establish a forum for contact among IdISSC members, facilitating opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and thus fostering collaboration opportunities.

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