Promoting Active Patient Engagement in Medical Research: “Society and Science Join Hands” Meeting

Dra.Elena Urcelay and Dr. David Calvo

The Health Research Institute Hospital Clínico San Carlos (IdISSC) held the fourth edition of the event “Society and Science Join Hands” on December 22nd in the classrooms of the teaching pavilion of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos. The main purpose of this annual meeting is to strengthen the connection between researchers and patients, promoting active community participation in medical research processes.

This event, open to patients and their families, serves as a platform where IdISSC researchers present their projects and research lines to patients and patient associations. Unlike a unilateral exhibition, the interactive approach distinguishes this meeting. During the designated sessions, research teams are available to directly address patients’ concerns, facilitating valuable dialogue and bridging the gap between science and society.

Dra. Concepción Núñez

Dr. Concepción Núñez, as part of this event, explained in her presentation the definition of celiac disease and its importance, addressing aspects such as disease development and potential celiac disease. During the meeting, patients from various associations participated, such as the Celiac and Gluten Sensitive Association (FACE), the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain, the Celiac Association of Madrid, ACSG Madrid, and the Catalan Celiac Association. These patients had the opportunity to ask Dr. Núñez direct questions about the daily challenges in managing the disease.

Dr. David Calvo discusses with members of the Platform of Cardiovascular Patient Associations

Dr. David Calvo also participated in the event, engaging in a discussion with members of the Platform of Cardiovascular Patient Associations. During the exchange, patients shared their experiences and coping strategies for dealing with the disease, while Dr. Calvo explained his team’s research direction, seeking input from attendees on the study design. Potential avenues for collaboration with the patients were explored.

Dr. Urcelay and her team, along with Beatriz Martínez from the Multiple Sclerosis Spain association

This unique format enables patients not only to learn about scientific advancements firsthand but also to directly influence the design and focus of future research by providing their feedback.

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