The “Robotherapy” opens new possibilities to interact with patients

The Paro / Nuka robot visited the Unidad de Innovación

For a few years, the “Animal Therapy” has been used as an element that promotes the emotional state and cognitive activity of older people, hospitalized children, people with some psychic disability. Now, with the introduction of robots like Paro (Personal Assistant RObot) / Nuka, it is intended to obtain the same results but without the inconveniences that can be generated when introducing an animal in the sanitary environment, said Professor Takanori Shibata, inventor of Nuka , in the visit he made to the Unidad de Innovación of the Hospital Clinico San Carlos on May 14.

Professor Shibata in his presentation told us about the therapeutic effects that the use of Nuka has brought to the care of patients in the places where it is implanted, at this time, there are units in more than 30 countries. Among the effects that are achieved with the interaction with the robot are: psychological effects such as relaxation and motivation; physiological effects such as improvement of vital signs; and social effects such as the activation of communication between patients and caregivers.

The robot has a weight of 2.5 Kg to be associated with the emotion of holding a child, continues with the look to who speaks to him through the artificial intelligence system that has been incorporated and detects the touch of who Caresses him thanks to the sensors in his whiskers and belly.

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