Third Prize for Patient Safety and Value Translation

The closing of San Carlos Week was marked by the presentation of the prestigious hospital scientific awards, highlighting the commitment to research and excellence in the healthcare field.

We want to highlight the well-deserved third prize for patient safety and value translation, which recognized the work titled “Development and Implementation of an Online Health Information Collection Model related to Neonatal Home Hospitalization Process: NEO-DAT” from the Neonatology and Pediatrics departments of the Child and Adolescent Institute and the Innovation Unit – IdISSC.

The authors of this outstanding work, Marta Ordax, Laura Llorente, Esther Aleo, Isabel Cuéllar, Carmen Hernández, Enrique Criado, María Luaces, José Martínez Orgado, and Yolanda Toro, were recognized for their outstanding contribution to improving health information in the neonatal home hospitalization process.

Additionally highlighted were:

Best Original Scientific Work Published:

First prize awarded to Pluvio J. Coronado-Martín for his research on the effectiveness of the prophylactic vaccine for human papillomavirus “Effectiveness of prophylactic human papillomavirus vaccine in the prevention of recurrence in women conized for HSIL/CIN 2-3: The Venus Study”, published in Vaccines 2022.

Second prize:

Beatriz Pérez-Villamil, for “Molecular classification of colorectal cancer by microRNA profiling: Correlation with the consensus molecular subtypes (CMS) and validation of miR-30b targets”, published in Cancers 2022.

Best Original Scientific Work Published by an Emerging Researcher:

María Álvarez García for her work: “Mood disorders in children following neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy”, published in PLOS ONE.

Previously, awards for Excellence were given to residents of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos, with the runner-up being Eduardo de la Fuente Muñoz and the first prize awarded to Carlos Real Jiménez from the Cardiology Service, recognizing their outstanding performance.

The event concluded with the prestigious “Antonio Gimbernat” Excellence Award 2023 being presented to immunologist José Luis Subiza Garrido-Lestache, emphasizing the importance of an exceptional scientific career forged within the hospital itself.

These recognitions underscore the ongoing commitment to innovation, patient safety, and excellence in healthcare, reflecting the positive impact that research and value translation have on the medical community and beyond.

We congratulate all the awardees for their outstanding achievements and dedication to improving health and well-being.

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