We must seek the equality of patients in access to medicines and treatments – Workshop of metastatic lines in the 7th Congress Building bridges

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During the meeting, questions were discussed that are crucial for oncology, pharmacy and health management professionals when dealing with patients and their families in a sensitive area such as oncology, what is the role of opinion leaders or The therapeutic positioning reports? Do we have to rely on clinical trials? What is the role of the hospital pharmacist? Is the zip code going to condition my access to medications?

The Workshop So far, so close, in addressing metastatic lines of cancer: do we speak the same language managers and clinicians when establishing the best strategies for the patient? It was held on November 28 in Toledo, within the 7th Tending Bridges Congress and began with the words of Dr. Germán Seara, Co-Director of the Innovation Unit of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos as moderator of the event, which spoke of value in our health system.

The event was sponsored by Servier Laboratories.

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Germán Seara, pointed out the importance of taking into account the opinion and experience of patients of all processes and described the factors that must be taken into account with respect to the concept of “value-price-budget”: “Money must be taken into account that we have and for that, the role of the managers and those who pay, the concept of opportunity cost, the concept of adaptation and all the concepts of value around the advanced disease situation ”.

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From left to right: Andrés Muñoz, Raúl Díez, Francesc Iglesias, Germán Seara, Juan José Camacho, Alberto Morell and Javier Gallego Plaza
  • Participants as speakers:

Dr. Andrés Muñoz Martín, Oncologist, Hospital Univ. Gregorio Marañón, Madrid: “There are clear improvement options, we all have to participate, pharmacists, managers, doctors, nurses… But what still worries me is the inequality, heterogeneity of patients , the main objective is to avoid this inequality of the patient and make more homogeneous decisions ”

Dr. Raúl Díez Fernández, Pharmacist, Hospital Univ. De Getafe, Madrid “Professionals are translators of information, we have to be able to agree, translate all that terminology, that the patient understands and is the one who decides what should be clinical trajectory ”

Mr. Francesc Iglesias García, Deputy Director of the Catalan Institute of Health, Barcelona: ”How can we build bridges? based on a truly patient-centered strategy, focusing on the model, based on an innovative and excellent strategy, an open model, distinguishing talent in organizations, with an international vision, working in a network. Purchase linked to results ”

Dr. Juan José Camacho Parejo, General Director of Public Health of Castilla la Mancha: “There is only one way to measure the value: the perception of the patient, and that is complicated” “Value is the relationship between compliance with expectations and effort that it means reaching them to the patient and the system ”.

Dr. Alberto Morell Baladrón, University Hospital of the Princess, Madrid: “In oncology it is very difficult to measure the value without knowing all the patient’s history” “We are clear that we must add value, but not as clear as doing that sustainable”

Dr. Javier Gallego Plazas, Oncologist, General Hospital of Elche, Alicante: “My goal as a clinician is to treat the patient with a specific disease with the most up-to-date evidence-based strategy in a limited resources system, avoiding the loss of opportunities”

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The role of Big Data was present in Workshop 7: “Trojan Horse: Immunotherapy in lung cancer. Treatment algorithms and trends in the generation of RWD “, where our partner Ángel Luis del Rey Mejías participated as a speaker.

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Ángel del Rey explained the way of working of the Innovation Unit of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital in terms of the use of data in decision making and management improvement, highlighting the importance of having quality data.

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