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We are a multidisciplinary team that provides support to researchers and innovators, both from the institution itself and to abroad, accompanying the entrepreneur on the journey from the conception of the idea to the generation of products or services capable of generating improvements in the results for the patients of the National Health System

The Unidad de Innovación depends at the same time of the Hospital Cliínico San Carlos and the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria San Carlos (IdISSC) and the Innovation Support Unit –UAI (belonging to the Plataforma Itemas) is integrated into it.

The management of the Unidad de Innovaciónt and the UAI is the responsibility of the same person, the Principal Investigator (IP) Julio Mayol.

The UAI arises from an initiative of the Carlos III Health Institute that created the ITEMAS Network in 2010, with the aim of promoting health innovation, changing the knowledge transfer model, and encouraging collaboration between companies in the health sector and medical professionals, with the aim of developing new technologies that will provide better care to patients. As of 2013, the network was transformed into the ITEMAS Platform for an initial term of four years that has been extended by another three.


Julio Mayol
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
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María Luaces
Chief Knowledge Officer
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Joan Cháfer
Knowledge Advisor
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Mila Merino
Innovation Manager Communications Manager Journalist
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Macarena Torrego
Innovation Manager Pharmacist&Nutritionist
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Cristina González
Innovation Manager Pharmacist
Laura Llorente
Data Scientist Biomedical Engineer
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Ignacio Martínez
Data Scientist Biomedical Engineer
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Jorge Nieto
Data Scientist Biomedical Engineer
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We give great importance to our dissemination activities, among which our Incubator of Ideas stands out:

The Incubator of Ideas is an initiative of the Unidad de Innovación of the IdISSC whose objective is to stimulate the creation and development of more and better innovation and health projects in an open innovation model. Our incubator aims to be a unique exchange forum, a living platform that enriches both speakers and attendees and that gives rise to new ideas, projects and alliances.

Services we offer:

Apart from the services related to the support for innovation, in the Unit there are two teams specialized in projects:

  1. Smart Health Consulting: consultancy, advice and project management:
  • Participation in multidisciplinary innovation projects.
  • Management and coordination of strategic alliances, contact and links with scientific networks.
  • Search and capture of financing opportunities in the area of health I+ D
  • Advice on clinical knowledge and know-how.

  2.Smart Health Lab: conceptualization and development of ICT projects:

  • Conceptualization of apps that meet needs.
  • Development of apps that solve needs not covered.
  • Data mining in repositories.
  • Development of Decision Support Systems in diagnosis and treatment based on clinical practice guidelines.
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