The Platform for the Dynamization and Innovation of Industrial Capabilities of the National Health System (ITEMAS)

Node PT23/00122 IP María Luaces Méndez

We participate as a node with file number PT23/00122 in the Platform for the revitalization and innovation of industrial capacities of the National Health System (ITEMAS), with a duration of three years. The call for this subsidy is part of the Strategic Health Action (AES) of Instituto de Salud Carlos III.

By Resolution of the Management of the Carlos III Health Institute, O.A., M.P., of July 20, 2023 (Extract published in the BOE 07/22/2023 – BDNS code 709343), the call for granting subsidies for ISCIII Platforms was approved to support R&D&I in Biomedicine and Health Sciences of the Strategic Action in Health 2021-2023.

ITEMAS is a support structure for health innovation promoted by the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) as one of its technological platforms. Its objective is to facilitate the innovative ideas of health professionals to generate value for the system, by promoting the transfer of technology, the culture of innovation and communication with the rest of society.

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