Our Director, Dr. Julio Mayol Award for International Career in the field of Right to Health

Last Monday, June 27, 2022, He received the 2022 International Career Award in the field of Right to Health, during the “XV INTERAUTONOMICAL MEETING ON PATIENT LEGAL PROTECTION” organized by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo.

At the event, He presented the paper “Evaluation and measurement of Innovation in health: real situation and future challenges” where he spoke of the need for a true digital transformation of health and the leading role of patients.

In previous years, Dr. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo (2018), Dr. Valentín Fuster (2019), Dr. Rojas Marcos (2020) were awarded, resulting in desert in 2021.

It is a privilege to work with Dr. Mayol on a daily basis, working on Innovation and putting into practice what he shares in his talks.

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