The Innovation Unit participates in the activities organized by the IdISSC during Science Week 2023

Robotic surgery, state-of-the-art technology in surgical treatments

The Innovation Unit carried out two notable initiatives during the week. Firstly, the “Robotic Surgery Workshop” offered a detailed insight into state-of-the-art technology in surgical treatments. Participants had the opportunity to take a guided tour of an operating room equipped with the latest in robotic surgery, exploring the advancements and benefits of this innovative technique.

Dra. Rocío Anula

Analyze and visualize the data from your health research project

Secondly, the Innovation Unit presented the interactive workshop “Analyze and Visualize the Data from Your Health Research Project with Power BI.” This workshop provided researchers and healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to effectively analyze and visualize data using the powerful platform Power BI. The interactivity of the workshop allowed participants to explore the practical applications of these tools in their research projects.

Sergio Mosquera, Power BI visualization workshop

These activities were part of an extensive program organized by the IdISSC Biomedical Research Foundation. In this edition, the San Carlos Clinical Hospital hosted a total of 19 activities, with 8 of them being in-person. From visiting an in vitro fertilization laboratory to delving into human biology as a tool for identity and inclusion, the program offered a wide variety of experiences in the scientific field.

Scientist and Surgeon for a Day

The Science and Innovation Week served not only as a showcase for scientific advances but also as a space for active participation and dialogue among healthcare professionals, researchers, and society at large.

The Science and Innovation Week organized by the Community of Madrid through the madri+d Knowledge Foundation aims to actively engage society in research and development processes in science, technology, and innovation.

More information about the activities can be found on the website of the IdISSC Health Research Institute.

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