Artificial Intelligence, Big Data…. concepts used in the day-to-day work in health

Ms. Pilar Rodriguez, Director of Acceso y Regulatorio , of Servier Laboratories, Dr. Julio Mayol, Medical and Innovation Director of HCSC, and Mr. José Soto, Managing Director of Hospital Clínico San Carlos at the beginning of the Conference

We finished the last of the workshops of “Immersion in management in leading Hospitals in Innovation”, a tour that has taken us through the Hospitals: Clínico San Carlos, Vall d’Hebron, and Clinic de Valencia sharing experiences and knowledge.

During the session, our Data Science Team presented their work together with different Hospital Units, work that has provided solutions to the problems in handling information that they face in their daily work and that represents an improvement in the organization of the Service and in the end, in the treatment that patients receive.

So we were able to show some of the innovation processes that are being carried out in the hospital:

We started the session on the 24th in the afternoon, with the participation of Dr. Julio Mayol, Medical and Innovation Director, with a talk on the Necessary Digital Transformation, Dr. Germán Seara, who was our Co-Director, spoke about the Intelligent Use of Data, Dr. María Herrera, Head of the breast pathology section and Laura LLorente from the Innovation Unit presented the “RedCap” in the breast cancer process that they have carried out.
Professor Giuseppe Fico, from the Polytechnic University of Madrid participated with the presentation ” Technologies, Training, and Infrastructure in the European Health Data Area” closing the session our Co-Director Dr. María Luaces with the presentation “From the clinic to the impact”.

On the 25th we attended the presentation of New Digital Tools in the Care Continuity Unit with Angélica Sánchez and Laura LLorente from the Innovation Unit.
The ” Penélope” Tool, an Electronic History designed by doctors and carried out by Nacho Colomer, Systems and Technology Service of the HCSC Information,
We connected with Dr. Manuel Martínez Sesmero, Head of the Hospital Pharmacy Service, and with Cristina Gónzalez who showed us their work in innovation and the “Albahaca project” in collaboration with Ignacio Martínez Capella from the Innovation Unit, after which there was a visit to the Oncology Service with Dr. Pedro Pérez Segura, Head of the Hospital Oncology Service and Javier Benítez, Resident of that service.

Oliver Astasio, shared his experiences during his training as a Resident and his rotation in the Innovation Unit.

Two days with a tight schedule.

HitX has been a tool placed in the hands of the professionals and managers of the centers, for the sharing of experiences and knowledge that allows the creation of an innovative ecosystem from which new projects and alliances arise for the benefit of the patients and that we have prepared with the sponsorship Servier Laboratories.

Mr. José Soto, Managing Director of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos during the Welcome to the Conference
Dr. Julio Mayol, in his presentation, spoke about Digital Transformation, reminded Sir Muir Gray, and spoke to us about the Generation of Value beyond the metaverse
Angélica Sánchez, from the Care Continuity Unit (Hospital Clínico San Carlos) during the #HitX event, explains the difficult situation in which they found themselves with multiple programs from which they extracted information and their contact with the Innovation Unit and the preparation of Dashboards with RedCap (Laura Llorente)

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